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Claudio Lenotti visits Vinoble Vejle in Denmark – part 2

We continue our article on the visit to Vinoble Vejle, who invited none other than Claudio Lenotti from Cantine Lenotti – the producer of 22 different kinds of wines, where Vinoble have 10 of the wines in their assortment. If you have not already read the first part of Lenottis visit in Vejle, which consist of wine tasting, storytelling, knowledge of wine and many other nice things, so hurry up and read it. You get 5 bids for cheap and good quality wines. In the second and final part we taste the little better (and more expensive) part of Vinobles …

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Claudio Lenotti visits Vinoble Vejle in Denmark – part 1

Vinoble Vejle got an opportunity to receive a visit from winemaker Claudio Lenotti from Cantine Lenotti to a review of 10 of his wines from Vinoble’s selection. This resulted in a visit by 20 guests who listened to his stories, asked questions about the production and asked him about his taste. Claudio Lenotti is a third part of Cantine Lenotti, which is being managed by Claudio Lenotti and his parents, Giancarlo and Marina. The company started in 1906 with producing Bardolino Classico and as time went on, the company was large enough to improve the quality, which was chosen in …

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